In 2013, Colleen Webb and her husband moved to town from Chicago without knowing anybody “for sheer love of Milwaukee.” Once here, she put more focus on Casual Vocals, her literal bedroom project. After some local outings—including a memorable Jazz Estate show as part of the inaugural Arte Para Todos—and initiating herself to her new surroundings, Webb is ready to release her follow-up album she recorded in her home attic studio. Well, she’ll be ready to release it once she gets the whole “giving birth to a child” thing out of the way, that is.

Before she releases a new life into the world within the month, Webb wanted to release a video for casual vocals’ first single to give listeners an idea what to expect when she puts out the yet-untitled album (“Gotta figure out the kid’s name first!”) when she can return to the stage early next year.

“You Are I Am We Are” leans folk, but totes a faintly Feist-like pop sensibility. Fittingly, Webb’s self-shot and personally edited music video was made in the same room where she recorded the forthcoming album. Beyond close-ups of anonymous lips reciting the lyrics, Webb spliced in public domain animation from a bicentennial era Vincent Collins short because it reminded her of Yellow Submarine. Like Casual Vocals itself, the video is simple-yet-fulfilling and leaves you wanting to hear more. Fortunately, after a few months of motherhood, we will.

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