Last summer we dug up a 1984 parody of Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” called “I’m A Milwaukeean.” The song—from Guy Herman And The Bubbler Boys—contained all sorts of timeless Milwaukee references: beer, brats, the Brewers, the Domes, Hooligans, Wolski’s, etc. For some more ’80s-specific shout-outs, however, look no further than “Cookin With A Wok In Milwaukee,” a 1983 novelty tune from local stalwart Sigmund Snopek and the Unexploded Bomb (Jeff Hoormann, Paul Stuebner).

What’s “Cooking With A Wok In Milwaukee” all about? Other than the action described in the title, it’s about doing the dishes, drinking beer, taking jabs at West Allis and Cudahy, and getting “mild” in Wauwatosa while getting “wild” on the East Side. (Times sure have changed, haven’t they?) There are also references to former Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler, former Milwaukee police chief Harold A. Breier, having a crush on former Milwaukee news reporter/director Jill Geisler, and Liberace. Oh, and this joke:

“I’ve been living in Milwaukee so long I woke up one night after a heavy day’s drinking and I thought [former Milwaukee news anchor] Carl Zimmerman was my dad!”

Also: bubblers and Real Chili. Enjoy.

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