This week’s guest is No Trigger vocalist Tom Rheault. Though the long-running Massachusetts melodic punk project doesn’t put out albums very often, they really make it count when they do. The 20-year vets released Dr. Album—only the band’s third album ever, and its first since early 2012—last month, and now they’re playing some shows in support of the exceptional Red Scare Industries record. No Trigger performed at Riot Fest last weekend and they’re gearing up to play a Punk In Drublic tour stop in their hometown of Worcester this weekend.

Before both of those shows (as well as a show with The Lawrence Arms on September 30 and an upcoming appearance at The Fest in October), Rheault spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about the making of Dr. Album, getting back on the road, and plans for 2023. Along the way, the singer talked about the early impact bands like NOFX and Rancid had on his musical trajectory, playing shows at gymnasiums and all-ages venues (where he regrettably threw pastries everywhere), starting the band that would eventually turn into No Trigger, unforgettable experiences he’s had on stage and on tour through the years, and why people should consider micro-dosing.

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