If his lyrics are to be believed, one can usually find 50 Cent in the club with a bottle full of bub. However, between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29, suburban shoppers will find the internationally known rapper, actor, and apparent vodka mogul in the liquor section of the Oak Creek Woodman’s.

That’s right! Despite Mr. Cent bypassing Milwaukee on most of his recent tours (the last evidence we could find of a show here was a Bradley Center appearance with Jay-Z in 2003), he will return to the area to sign bottles of his Effen Vodka brand. [Insert tasteless joke about the consumer’s ability to stay standing even after taking nine shots here.] The Wisconsin grocery chain’s Howell Avenue location posted the announcement on Facebook yesterday. To quote Woodman’s owner Phil Woodman, “¡Caramba!”

The world is a weird place where, as we’ve come to learn just now, virtually anything is possible. If you want to see 50 Cent in the flesh, you’d better head to Oak Creek later this month. While you’re there, stock up on better products with better prices sold by better people because they’re employee-owned.

Update: For those of you who were wondering exactly how 50 Cent could have fallen to the “Midwestern grocery store vodka bottle signing”-rung of fame, we may have an answer for you. According to The Daily Beast, citing a Wall Street Journal report, Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) filed for bankruptcy today, a day after he allegedly paid a woman a $5M court settlement for a lawsuit over a sex tape.

[h/t: Reader Jay]

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