If you’ve walked by the old G-Daddy’s BBC on the East Side lately, you know that the once-mighty sports bar is a shell of its former self. Literally: The building is currently boarded up and completely gutted, two years after the BBC abruptly closed its doors. Since then, Milwaukee developer Joshua Jeffers bought the building—along with the adjacent former Hotel Foster and a next-door strip retail center—in 2018; later that year, Hacienda Beer Co. announced it would open a taproom and eatery in the complex in 2019.

So as we await the arrival of Hacienda, how about a semi-illicit peek inside the former, currently gutted BBC? Over the weekend—on our way to the Oriental Theatre to moderate a pre-Room Q&A with Tommy Wiseau, and boy do we have some stories about that—we noticed some openings in the boarded-up BBC. Of course, we then jammed our phone into those openings and snapped some pictures. Here they are. (Enjoy the BBC guitar mural while you still can.)

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