Two and a half years after opening in an East Side strip mall at 2336 N. Farwell Ave., sausage and burger joint Louie’s Char Dogs & Butter Burgers appears to be closed. A sign informing customers that “we are closed today” has been taped to Louie’s front window for at least a week; on Saturday, a peek inside revealed an apparently cleaned-out interior:

A call to Louie’s leads to a “voicemail has not yet been activated” message. Social media accounts for Louie’s haven’t been updated since July.

Louie’s opened in April 2021, boasting both a ridiculously large menu and a spark of life for a fitfully occupied strip mall that hadn’t seen much action since Blockbuster left in 2009. (The strip mall is currently occupied by a vape shop, a pet supply store, and not much else.) The food was always good. The service was…always a bit baffling. In a world of homogenized restaurants with unremarkable food and service, Louie’s was an experience.

So, unless we hear otherwise, R.I.P. Louie’s. You were good. Fare thee well.

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Louie’s Char Dogs & Butter Burgers is open on the East Side and it’s good

Louie’s Char Dogs & Butter Burgers coming to East Side strip mall where Blockbuster used to be

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