Every Friday, Off The Record looks to other Milwaukee publications (and beyond) for bits of news we missed throughout the week.

• If you’ve tried to navigate downtown Milwaukee lately, you know that, yep, the city is really going through with that streetcar thing. Roads are closed, streets are torn up, and a populace that was previously unable to figure out a bus schedule is bracing itself for the joys of public transportation. All we need now is a snappy name for the thing, because “Milwaukee Streetcar” just isn’t snappy enough. Enter “The Hop.”

Yes, “The Hop.” That’s the official name of the Milwaukee Streetcar. Well, technically, “Summerfest, presented by American Family Insurance” “The Hop, presented by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.” At a ceremony at the Milwaukee Public Market last week, Mayor Tom Barrett revealed that Potawatomi will kick in $10 million over 12 years to support the streetcar, ensuring that operation of the system “will have no budget impact until at least 2021.” As for the name…

Why The Hop? [Department of Public Works commissioner Ghassan] Korban noted that he hopes the simple name, “The Hop, hop on, hop off,” will become a common phrase among those in the city. The commissioner explained that the name came after meeting with a diverse group of community stakeholders, all of whom noted the project should be branded something other than “The Milwaukee Streetcar.”

The Hop! Cool beans, daddy-o! [Urban Milwaukee]

• Veteran Milwaukee restaurateur Mike Eitel will bring a new bar and restaurant to the former Blackthorn Pub, 750 N. Jefferson St. The downtown space has been vacant for more than four years. [LoriFredrich.com]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s print circulation is down, but the price for home delivery is going up. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

The New York Times likes us! It really, really likes us! Here’s a big, gushing piece about Milwaukee’s “urban renewal.” [The New York Times]

• Green Bay Packers play-by-play announcer Wayne Larrivee will call a handful of televised University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee men’s basketball games this season. “It goes without saying that we are thrilled to have Wayne join the Panthers,” UWM athletic director Amanda Braun said in an announcement. “He is one of the most-recognizable broadcast voices in the state—and in the country, for that matter—and we are so happy that he has agreed to join our team as we move our TV broadcasts to Fox Sports Wisconsin.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• A new restaurant is coming to the former Five Guys space on the corner of Oakland and Locust, and it’s!…a pizza place. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• A new restaurant is coming to the short-lived Matador Taco & Tequila Bar at 1110 N. Old World Third Street, and it’s!…another taco place. [LoriFredrich.com]

• The first headliner at the new Milwaukee Bucks arena has been announced, and it’s!…Jim Gaffigan. [Shepherd Express]

• Speaking of the new Bucks arena, its outdoor plaza will come equipped with a music venue that will accommodate 10,000-12,000 people. Per the Milwaukee Business Journal:

The public plaza on what had been North Fourth Street will host 80 to 100 events per year including live entertainment, [Bucks managing director of real estate Blair] Williams said.

“That plaza is intended for heavy programming,” he said during his remarks.

In an interview after his talk, Williams said: “Right now we’re not looking at any larger format indoor music venues. We’re looking at the plaza as providing a forum for that.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Bon-Ton Stores Inc. will begin renovation work on its downtown Boston Store building, 331 W. Wisconsin Ave., next month. Work is expected to be complete by July 2018. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry resigned from the board of The Weinstein Co., which, well, you know. Lasry had been on the board for about 16 months. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Have an okay weekend, Milwaukee!

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