Last October, Indeed Brewing Company hosted a belated grand opening party outside its new Milwaukee taproom and pilot brewery located at 530 S. 2nd St. in Walker’s Point. That all-day block party—which the brewery called “The Lowdown”—featured an impressive lineup of live musicians, food trucks, and a ton of Indeed beers on tap.

Of course, COVID-19 concerns won’t allow The Lowdown to continue on in exactly that same way in 2020. However, Indeed is committed safely offering “a toned-down version” of that block party this time around. From noon to 9 p.m. on October 10, “The Low-Key Lowdown” will turn a on-block portion of 2nd Street in the heart of Walker’s Point into a socially distant beer garden. Outdoor capacity will be limited to 180 people, with tables (which will be spaced at least 10 feet apart) capped at four people each. Guests are required to wear a mask when not seated at their table, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Indoor capacity in the ventilated taproom will be limited to 80 people.

Indeed will have more that 20 beers on tap for the event, including a new Czech Pilsner which has been lagering for over a month. Roll MKE and Milwaukee Pretzel Company will be selling food on-site, and DJ Mikey Fast Life will be spinning records all day. There will also be something called the “hot poker beer experience,” in which fire pokers will be dunked into pints to caramelize the malt in the beer. Sounds fun!

If you need more info about the event and the various precautions Indeed is taking to make this event as safe as possible, check out the press release below:

Indeed Brewing Company Prioritizes Safety and Beer at The Low-Key Lowdown

MILWAUKEE, WI, September 30, 2020​: Indeed Brewing Company is shutting down 2nd Street to host The Low-Key Lowdown on October 10. The pilot brewery and taproom in Walker’s Point will be enforcing social distancing measures to ensure a safe beer-drinking experience, which will feature two food vendors, a DJ, and 20-plus beers on tap.

Since March, Indeed Brewing Company has followed the guidance of the Milwaukee Health Department and implemented public health precautions to keep its patrons and staff healthy. The Low-Key Lowdown — a toned-down version of the October 2019 Lowdown event — will scale up the same measures at the indoor and outdoor urban beer garden.

“With winter fast approaching I am extremely excited that we are able to offer the people of Milwaukee a socially distanced, safe, but fun, opportunity for people to have a good time outdoors. Safety is our number one priority for this event. We have been planning safety, social distance, and sanitation protocols for weeks in anticipation of The Low-Key Lowdown,” says Tim Prendergast, General Manager of Indeed Milwaukee. “I’m really excited about the killer lineup of beers we’ll be pouring, including the release of our Czech Pilsner which has been lagering for over a month and I think it is one of the best beers we’ve made here at Indeed Milwaukee.”

Two fass kegs will be tapped, containing Czech Pilsner and Bock pulled directly from the fermenter. The fass is oxygen vented like a cask beer, and allows drinkers to enjoy beer inits freshest and rawest form before it is clarified and finished.​ The fass kegs will also be available for the hot poker beer experience, in which fire pokers are heated up by flame and dunked into pints, caramelizing the malt and creating a creamy mouthfeel. Commemorative glasses will be sold and used exclusively for hot poker beers.

DJ Mikey Fast Life will be spinning records all day. Roll MKE and Milwaukee Pretzel Company are the food vendors. The event is free to attend but $1 to drink, with proceeds going to the company’s Indeed We Can charitable initiative.

Staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the start of their shift, and masks are required to be worn by all staff. Guests are required to wear a mask when not seated at their table, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at each entry and throughout the entire space. Plexiglass is installed at the indoor ordering station, and social distance markers will be placed indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor capacity is limited to 180 people at a time, and tables are spaced at least 10 feet apart. Indoor capacity is limited to 80 people, with extra ventilation through the garage doors. A maximum of four people will be able to sit at one table, with an indicator of the table’s sanitation status. The fire pits will allow up to 4 people at a time for a hot poker beer experience.

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