Hey idiots happy thirsty thursday jk that shit is dumb just drink any day you want to and don’t let a fucking calendar tell you when to wild out anyway the mothership aka your racist uncle from omro’s least favorite bar because facebook told him to feel that way is turning 5 and they’re going batfuck cray for the occasion by hosting an anniversary thingy on sunday that’s going to be even better than usual which is saying a lot especially since i love that place it’s where i saw the bucks win a goddamn championship and i’ve had like 2 million hamm’s and a vat of camparai there through the years and ricky is cool

Ne way you weirdos are gonna love that they’re opening at 3 instead of 4 on sunday cuz it’s the freaking weekend sunday funday hahahaha imagine if you actually said that and meant it lol soooooo the baller ass crew at leyenda from brooklyn will hold it down with their own menu from 3 to 6 then meteor from minneapolis will do a menu that’s also prolly better than most other places you’ve ever had from 6 to 9 before mothership does a champagne power hour whatever that is from 9 to 930 heh then best intentions from what i like to call chi town will pour happy juice down your face holes from 930 to close to demolish your monday productivity say byebye to that q2 bonus bruh

Um if it’s nice out or you dorks hate lines and stuff there will be an overflow bar outside with milwaukee bartender regulars working and maybe maya ophelia’s will be open but we can’t confirm that because we forgot to ask and to be honest we have a bunch of other stuff to do rn so yer an adult figure that shit out yourself loser and it’s not about the drinks and food as much as it’s about the mothership because it’s been five years and life is super bad in general but this bar is one of the last good things on this dumbass planet could be worse tho could be living on pluto or whatever the hell it’s called now okay gotta go bye bozos

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