Great news for East Side pizza lovers: The North Ave. location of Ian’s Pizza is expanding and adding wine and craft beer to its menu. The only hitch? It’ll be closed for a while.

In a somewhat deceptively titled post Facebook post (“IAN’S PIZZA NORTH AVE TO CLOSE SUNDAY AUGUST 9th,”) the popular pizza joint reveals it will shutting down its East Side location on Sunday, August 9 to begin an expansion into the space directly to the west (formerly a Subway). Construction will take “about a month,” after which Ian’s will reopen with new menu items, wine, craft beers on tap, brunch slices, and more.

Here’s the entire announcement:


Ian’s Pizza North Ave. will close its doors on Sunday, August 9th, 2015. It has been a great five and a half years at our 2035 E. North Ave. location and we really appreciate the continued support of our dedicated customers. Unfortunately, a lot of our customers started visiting our store more frequently and then began telling their friends and family to visit us and we have simply outgrown the confines of our original store. Sooooo, yes, we will in fact be closing… but we will be reopening BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

We have purchased the 2031 E. North Ave. lease (directly to the west of our current store) and will be knocking down walls and taking over both storefronts. We are expanding the customer/seating area, but also focusing on updating the back-of-house operations. The purchase of a new “Rotoflex” oven will allow us to increase our output, getting orders out significantly faster, and by the end of the remodel we will have nearly double the space of our current restaurant. All in all, a massive construction project like this will likely keep us closed for about a month. However, during the renovation, our 146 E. Juneau Ave. store will remain open, taking over all Milwaukee deliveries, pick-ups, late-night visits, and other Ian’s Pizza shenanigans. We are super excited to keep the original Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee location. Just BIGGER!

How can this get any BETTER??? How about adding new menu items, wine, and craft beers on tap? Done, done, and done. With our new build-out we will be adding a brand new selection brunch slices to our menu, available on select days of the week. The brunch slices will introduce both savory and sweet flavors that will be a must-try for any Ian’s Pizza fanatic. Per customer request, we will also be switching to a fountain soda system, featuring a couple Sprecher’s sodas on tap as well. A selection of wine and local craft beers will round out our beverage update (although we are still in negotiations with the neighborhood association to come up with a plan all parties can be on board for).

And we couldn’t have done it without you! Many thanks to our loyal customers for the outrageous support over the last couple of years. We are really excited to start serving you in our new store. See you on the other side…

– Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee Staff

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