Back in January, Bay View staple Café Centraal closed its doors for a month-long refresh and renovation. Now, the 10-year-old Lowlands Group eatery is ready to reopen as Centraal Grand Café & Tappery. The new concept represents an “evolution of Café Centraal which adds an entirely new beverage experience with over 70 beverages on tap, including beer, wine, cocktails, craft soda, tea, coffee and other non-alcoholic offerings.” Snacks, new dishes, a weekday brunch (beginning at 8 a.m.), and a full aesthetic overall are also included. Oh yeah, and the main entrance is now on the corner of KK and Lincoln, where it should be.

Wanna check it out for yourself? A grand opening is set for Wednesday, February 13. Until then, enjoy these pictures of the extremely new-feeling and extremely improved Centraal. The travel and train motifs are pretty slick, the themed beer towers are great, and the in-house stroopwafel and loaded frites are good.

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