We’re less than a week into “Dry January” and this young year already has us wanting to reach for a drink. Thankfully, people who are taking a month away from imbibing and those who’ve made a lasting lifestyle change have far more (and far better) non-alcoholic beverage options to choose from than ever before. Recently, local companies have helped add to the ever-evolving and continually-improving arsenal of N/A options. Joining the local likes of Riverwest Stein NA, Top Note Tonic, and Soul Brew Kombucha to name just a few is non other than Guy Rehorst.

This week, the Great Lakes Distillery founder and Milwaukee craft distilling mainstay formally launched his new Sans line of non-alcoholic botanical spirits with the release of Junipre. The flagship beverage features natural flavors derived from juniper, ginseng, orange zest, cardamom, chili peppers, and coriander that combine to approximate the taste of gin. With no calories and no alcohol, Junipre can either be the centerpiece of a non-alcoholic cocktail or can be combined with other spirits to offer a lower-alcoholic and lower-calorie alternative.

Sans’ Junipre is currently available at Great Lakes Distillery’s Tasting Room in Walker’s Point. The spirit will make its public debut at The Cooperage this Saturday during our N/A Day “Dry January” Beverage Festival, during which Rehorst will pour samples of Junipre for those in attendance. It will be available at select liquor retailers in the coming weeks.