Today in “Well, it’s kind of an ugly day but some ice cream would be good anyway, so let’s drive over to Cold Stone Cream…wait…it’s closed?!” news, the Cold Stone Creamery on Oakland and Locust (2907 N. Oakland Ave.) is closed. According to signs plastered all over the joint that we somehow missed until today, it’s set to be replaced this fall by Good Land Wing Co.

So what’s the deal with Good Land Wing Co.? According to its website, the upcoming spot is “a new type of wing restaurant with healthy eats.” Also, “Guilt free wings!” and “No fryers allowed!” seem to be things. The menu includes classic wings, boneless wings, “naked boneless,” skillets and popcorn chicken, plenty of appetizers and sides (Mac & Cheese Wedges!), and lots of chicken-based salads and wraps. Oh, and there’s a trailer!

In other recent Oak & Loc news (note: no one ever calls the area Oak & Loc), Blaze Pizza opened last December, Black Rose Irish Pub closed in May, and that beat-up Cousins Subs is going to become a big apartment complex. Oakland Gyros still rules, and so does Thai Kitchen.

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