Since Comet Cafe “grew up and started serving meatloaf and booze” in 2005, the East Side dining staple has earned oodles of acclaim in Milwaukee and beyond with its comfort food and vegan delicacies. Though some items on Comet’s menu approach perfection, the longtime cafe isn’t afraid to acknowledge there’s always room for improvement and space to change.

Approximately a year after its last major modification, Comet Cafe revamped its menu and quietly debuted it last Thursday. As a result of the change, there’s a significant number of new offerings, a few favorites from “Old Comet” that have returned and/or been improved upon, and more than half a dozen items that were phased out.

The Vegan Gyro—a notable departure from last year’s menu change—is back and has been improved upon. The Turkenstein is also back, though it’s taking the place of the Bride Of Turkenstein. A Big Boy-nodding Big Boss Burger will now be served instead of the Big Johnson Burger. A seitan-based vegan French dip (“The French Dunk”) is a new highlight, and the vegan macaroni has been elevated with the inclusion of walnuts. Sadly, the Colonel Comet Chicken has been retired for the foreseeable future. However, the Cheesy Roast Beef has been promoted from Cheesy Tomato add-on to a full-fledged menu item.

Here’s a rundown of what’s gone, what’s new, and what has returned to Comet Cafe’s menu. Check the restaurant’s website for the full menu and more details.


Black Bean Dip
Big Johnson Burger
Colonel Comet Chicken
Bride Of Turkenstein
Blackened Pork Chop
Chopped Brussels Salad
Avocado Beet Down Salad
Ka$ha Bowl
Wicked Garden Sandwich


The French Dunk
Roasted Garlic Hummus
Big Boss Burger
Purple Grain, Purple Grain
Ginger Tofu Salad
Fruit Fetish (Super Fruit Fetish with honey used in place of sweet balsamic molasses)
The Dr. Cakes
Buckwheat Bowl
Warm Cinnamon Roll (baked at Fuel Cafe on 5th Street)


Vegan Gyro
Vegan Mac & “Cheese” (never left, but recipe has been changed)

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