It’s an unprecedented time for bars. As Wisconsin continues to bout with the ever-worsening impacts of COVID-19, it’s crucial that people make a point to support dining and drinking establishments they want to make sure survive this especially difficult point in time. We urge you to buy from any and every place that’s important to you (especially if they’re doing their best to operate as safely and responsibly as possible).

Though there are countless places that deserve your money, Cactus Club holds a special place in our heart. For the past three seasons, Milwaukee Record has hosted a Halftime Show series at the beloved Bay View bar. Of course, that’s not possible this year. Though we’re not able to be there in person, we’re happy to see the bar is letting people replicate the Cactus Club experience at home.

Cactus Club’s “Game Day Packs” bring back some of the Halftime Show standards in a to-go capacity. Knowing some people come for the bloodies, others come for craft beer or High Life, and everyone loves Touchdown Shots, they’ve devised a few ways to give fans the game day experience that best suits them.

Game Day Packs range from the “Za’Darius Pack” ($55) to the “Rodgers Touchdown Shots” ($12) level, with packages in between that include High life, Lakefront IPA, bloodies, Cloudless hard seltzer, and other options. You can pre-order before each game HERE. And because we love Cactus Club, all orders come with a free Milwaukee Record sticker. Support Cactus Club and/or support your preferred local bar or venue. They need it. Go Pack Go!

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