Today from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Wisconsin Legislative Republicans will hold a pathetic hearing on the 2020 presidential election. The pathetic hearing, overseen by Rep. Ron Tusler and Sen. Kathy Bernier, will discuss and celebrate thoroughly debunked lies about “election fraud” in Wisconsin.

Republicans behind the pathetic hearing have not invited any election officials to testify; instead, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “they’re asking to hear from a conservative radio talk show host, a former state Supreme Court justice, a postal subcontractor who has offered a debunked theory about backdated absentee ballots, and an election observer whom President Donald Trump wants to testify in court in one of his lawsuits over the election.”

Watch the pathetic proceedings HERE. Easily find the truth behind the lies that will surely come up HERE. Keep track of how many Wisconsin lawsuits people who continually lie about “election fraud” have lost HERE.

Ahead of the pathetic proceedings, Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson has issued a statement “urging Legislative Republicans to prioritize public health over politically motivated hearings […] about vague allegations of election fraud.”

Nearly 4,000 Wisconsinites have died this year from COVID-19. Wisconsin Legislative Republicans have not met once to discuss this fact.

Here’s Christenson’s statement:

“As I have said previously, the recount of the 2020 election demonstrated that elections in Milwaukee County and Dane County are fair, transparent, accurate and secure. Our elections are a great example of Wisconsin’s proud tradition of good, honest government.

“While our elections are secure, the health and safety of every Wisconsinite is not.

“Legislative Republicans have failed to develop a plan to protect the public from the ravages of the Coronavirus, and instead undermined public trust in our institutions by seeking to invalidate Governor Evers’ emergency orders with politically motivated lawsuits.

“Similarly, I fear that the so-called hearing on Wisconsin’s November 3 election will erode the public’s trust in local government and further inflame the divisions in our communities at a time with we need to come together and move forward towards recovery.

“If Legislative Republicans were truly interested in a good-faith, fact-based inquiry, they could have invited local clerks such as myself, but instead they have chosen to hear primarily from individuals who continue to promote debunked theories about election fraud.”

“While some politicians continue to chase the boogeyman of election fraud, which even President Trump’s Attorney General said did not occur, scores of Wisconsinites will die needlessly from Covid-19. Legislative Republicans must act now to limit the spread of Covid-19 and put the health of Wisconsinites before their political ambitions.

“I was not invited to participate in the hearings in Madison but can say unequivocally that there is zero evidence of any voter fraud in Milwaukee County. Voters relied on the rules and laws as understood before the election, and democracy mandates that their votes be counted.

“I am committed to absolute transparency and accountability regarding the conduct of our elections and would be more than happy to provide testimony at a hearing that has a good faith and legitimate fact-finding purpose, once litigation has concluded.”

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