If you’re looking for Milwaukee’s best outdoor bar and seafood restaurant that’s tucked behind a bunch of warehouses and nestled on the banks of the Kinnickinnic River, it’s hard to beat Barnacle Bud’s (1955 S. Hilbert St.). The patio-tastic dining spot has been a Milwaukee favorite since it opened in 1992. Remember when Giannis stopped by immediately after the Bucks’ championship parade? That was great.

Anyway, good news for folks who want to enjoy Barnacle Bud’s in the cold-weather months: the restaurant is apparently transforming into a “warm and inviting supper club” this December. A message posted to social media on Tuesday reads:

With December right around the corner it gives us great pleasure to share with you the latest news.

We are thrilled to announce that this December we are transforming the Barnacle Bud’s dining room into warm and inviting supper club!

We invite you to join us to celebrate this festive season with beloved family and friends. Our team is working on creating a unique food and drink menu that reflects the spirit of the supper club.

Space is indeed limited and reservations will be needed to join the fun. This is not a walk-in kind of deal!

We want to make sure we can accommodate everyone and give you the best experience possible.

Stay tuned, friends! We cannot wait to share the juicy details with you as they develop.

“Gene’s Supper Club By The River” is the name teased in the social media post—named for owner Gene McKiernan. (Is Gene’s Supper Club on 60th Street still open?)

We’ll have those juicy Barnacle Bud’s/Gene’s Supper Club details when they become available.

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