As the COVID-19 crisis continues and Wisconsin struggles to approach herd immunity levels because we’ve tragically managed to somehow make a pandemic into a political issue and society is doomed, people have started to resort to trying anything to get shots into the arms of qualifying adults that have not yet been vaccinated. The Brewers and Summerfest tried giving away free tickets. Chain restaurants offered free donuts and burritos to vaccinated folks. One local brewery offered a free beer with proof of vaccination.

If free tickets, complimentary fast food, a pint on the house, or the knowledge you did your part to help a deadly worldwide pandemic eventually come to an end isn’t enough to inspire you to get the jab, The Drunk Uncle has an especially enticing offer: all the Spotted Cow you can drink in an 11-hour span this Thursday.

That’s right! The West Allis wrestling bar (that’s known for its strange and wonderful promotions) has teamed up with West Allis Fire Department and West Allis Health Department to give adults a “Shot And A Beer!” The Drunk Uncle will give anyone (21 or older, naturally) who gets vaccinated at the bar between 3-5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 17 ALL THE SPOTTED COW THEY CAN DRINK until bar close. What more is there to say? Get a shot and get some beer. Whatever it takes.

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