Monday night, during the final installment of Milwaukee Record LiveSCREAM Theater, jokes flew, stock footage was used, giant bugs turned into stew, and a young Peter Graves took off his shirt. Yep, we watched the public domain staple Killers From Space! It was great!

As part of the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival (tickets are still on sale NOW!), we spent the entire month of October bringing you a live viewing party of classic public domain horror and sci-fi films. For last night’s LiveSCREAM finale, Milwaukee Record‘s Matt Wild (that’s me) was joined by pals Mack Bates, Rick Katschke, and Rob Wieland. The group wasted no time in skewering the endlessly talky Killers: What’s up with the prominently featured portrait of President Eisenhower? Did the director (Billy Wilder’s less-successful older brother) use his kid’s classroom pets for the film’s climactic scenes? What would happen if the Terminator tried to use the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website? Is nearly half the film a flashback being recounted under the effects of sodium pentothal? Yep!

Big thanks to Mack, Rick, and Rob for joining us for episode 5! Watch the whole thing below! (The amazing theme song is “Empty Arrows & Exit Signs” by Farms In Trouble, by the way.) And thanks to everyone who dropped by this past October, and to Milwaukee Film for letting us do this wacky thing! Watch all the episodes HERE.