This article was originally published in 2021.

Ever watch a new snowboarding video for the first time in, oh, about 15 years and think, “Damn. They’re pulling off some crazy shit these days. This rules.” Well, if you haven’t, you should watch the latest Vans Snow movie, EVERGREEN, which includes footage shot in Milwaukee back in 2020. It rules.

BUT FIRST, here’s some of the raw Milwaukee footage. Watch as pro riders Kennedi Deck, Cole Navin, Darrell Mathes, and Benny Urban pull off some crazy shit at Bradford Beach (which, again, isn’t being privatized), the Mitchell Park Domes (which, again, are open), and Kilbourn Reservoir Park:


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And here’s the whole video (the Milwaukee stuff starts at about 23:30):

Meanwhile, in an interview with Method Magazine, Canadian rider Kennedi Deck shares some interesting Milwaukee-related tidbits. One of her favorite shots from EVERGREEN? “Cole’s board slide on the c’ed kink rail with the big dome in the background.” Her most memorable or sketchy moment from shooting? Well…

We stayed in a realllllly bad Airbnb in Milwaukee. It stunk of cigarettes and had animals in the walls. Tanner went and slept in the car and I was up all night worried one of the critters might bust in through the wall. Needless to say, we checked out the next morning bright and early.

Squirrels? We’re guessing squirrels. We’d also recommend the non-critter-infested Cactus Club for your next stay, Kennedi. [h/t Pete Freeman]

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