Milwaukee has a pretty special relationship with Trailer Park Boys. Last April, Turner Hall hosted a rowdy live show with Randy and Mr. Lahey. A few years prior, the historic ballroom gave out cheeseburgers at a summer screening of Countdown To Liquor Day. Hell, even tertiary characters like Sam Losco (aka The Greasy Caveman) perform in town now and then. Last August, Milwaukee’s love affair with Trailer Park Boys continued when Riverside Theater hosted a downright greeeeasy show with some of the cult classic Canadian comedy’s most beloved characters, including John Dunsworth (aka Jim Lahey) just weeks before his tragic death.

While his incomparable partner is gone, Trailer Park Boys mainstay Randy “Bobandy” will make his return to Turner Hall on Friday, June 15 for a unique night of comedy and consumption that’s being billed as “Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Tour.” The show promises “bit of stand-up, a bit of silly contests, some classic Randy punchlines and a chance to meet your favorite TPB cast member.” Of course, the show also offers the audience cheeseburgers—store-bought cheeseburgers!—to enjoy during the performance (limit one per customer).

General admission tickets cost $25 and go on sale Friday, May 4 at noon CST. Decent!

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