Earlier this week, Cactus Club hosted a screening of short, locally produced films centered around the idea of timelines. “Think linearity (or lack thereof), progress of existence, events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole,” the event description explained. The screening served as a fundraiser for beloved UWM film lecturer and Milwaukee queer arts staple Carl Bogner, who was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer last summer. The Cactus Club screening, along with another event, raised $2,790 for Bogner; a general GoFundMe for Bogner currently stands at more than $125,000.

If you missed the screening, you can do two things: donate to Bogner’s GoFundMe HERE, and watch a selection of the “Timelines” films below:

The participating filmmakers in the virtual screening are:

Jordan T.J Blanco
Shirine Shah, Matt Feldman
Dara Carneol
Ben Balcom
Kym McDaniel
Kati Katchever
Daniel Black
Sophia Holterman
Natasha Woods
Hanna Milos
Sam Drake
Savanna Vine

The top picture, by the way, is from Ben Balcom’s wonderful Our Own Private Universe. The film features Grace Mitchell and Zack Pieper and is made up of repurposed Douglas Sirk (“It’s like I was deep in a mountain pass…”) and Samuel Beckett (“Everything oozes.”) dialog. Brilliant.

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