If there are two things all Milwaukeeans and random Facebook commenters from Brookfield can agree on, it’s A.) independent radio station WMSE 91.7FM rules, and B.) downtown streetcar The Hop rules. So what happens when you combine the two beloved institutions? You get WMSE broadcasting live from The Hop on Wednesday, October 25!

Beginning at noon on the 25th, during the station’s Squid Inc. show, WMSE will deliver “Transit Transmissions: WMSE Hop Tour 2023.” The tour will begin at the Intermodal Station and wind its way along the streetcar’s M Line. (A new lakefront line, the L, will open to the public on October 29.) And yes, The M Line goes right past WMSE’s downtown studios!

“We’re bringing a new meaning to the concept of a remote broadcast,” says Station Manager Tom Crawford in a press release. “WMSE will lay tracks on the tracks all over downtown. This is going to be a really fun event and we’re thankful to The Hop and Milwaukee Tool for making it possible.”

Sid from Squid Inc. and DJ Christreater will host the broadcast. A boat/trainload of guests will be featured, too, including Milwaukee Department of Public Works Commissioner Jerrel Kruschke, rapper NilexNile, Guerrilla Ghost, Milwaukee Record’s own Matt Wild (that’s me), Milwaukee Downtown’s Beth Weirick, and others.

“Transit Transmissions promises a memorable and interactive experience for Milwaukee residents and beyond,” says Kruschke in the press release. “The Hop and WMSE have a lot in common; They are both vehicles to connect our city. Together we’ll build community and connections and bring music, entertainment, and camaraderie to Hop riders’ commutes.”

Tune in! Hop aboard! Argue about the streetcar in the comments!

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