Tuesday, June 9, 2020 will mark the 12th consecutive day of peaceful Milwaukee protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd. Here are just a few of the day’s events, sure to be joined by many more.

With No Justice, We Walk In Peace Protest

Humboldt Park (3000 S. Howell Ave.)
3 p.m.

Milwaukee’s next peaceful protest is being held on June 9th, 2020 starting at Humboldt Park. After walking the front lines with the Pride March on Sunday we have really seen what this community can do, what this movement can do!

Gathering and Supply Donation: 3pm
Walking of the protest: 4pm

If you’d like to donate financially so that supplies can be purchased as well (Masks, Water, Snacks, Etc) our currently used Venmo is @TomiBordeaux

The route will be determined by what is safest for the group as a whole taking into consideration all parties involved.

*REMINDER* We advise for your safety and everyones safety you wear a mask during this protest. We also recommend goggles just in case, as well as any other necessities you feel you may need as the walk will be lengthy.

We thank everyone over the last week who has continued to join in these peaceful gatherings and want to remind everyone that with the continuation of this we have become a movement and there will always be power behind your voice and IT DESERVES TO BE HEARD!

BLM- Wauwatosa Peaceful Protest

Kohl’s (2315 N 124th St.)
5:30 p.m.


Begin at Kohl’s on 124th and North – Go up north ave to Mayfair (HWY 100) – PAUSE FOR SPEAKER – Turn right and go down Mayfair to Watertown Plank- PAUSE FOR SPEAKER -Go to 116th Street and turn right- we will then weave a bit through the fisher woods neighborhood and end up at the Wauwatosa Police Station -FINAL SPEAKER AND MEMORIAL . The route will be approximately 4.5 miles.


We will meet in the Large parking lot on 124th and North Ave. PLEASE ARRIVE BY NO LATER THAN 5:20! Kate and I will be there at around 5:05 pm.

THOSE WHO ARE DRIVING- Please park your car in the Piggly Wiggly Lot in the spaces closest to the intersection. This way it will be easy for us to organize leaving the lot.

THOSE WALKING IN THE PROTEST – Please spread out and park in the spaces throughout the strip mall area. We want to do our best not to disrupt the businesses there. Then, we will meet in that same back corner the cars driving with us are meeting. Find Crystal in a neon green rain poncho and green hat with a black bird on it to collect a bracelet for the memorial. We only have 300 bracelets so this will be first come, first served.

You can look for Kate in a yellow rain jacket, Matt in a black raincoat and Chicago Bears hat, or myself (Crystal) in a neon green rain poncho and green hat with a black bird on it for questions or concerns.


The plan right now is to leave at 5:30. If you cannot arrive before then, please DM Kate. There will be periodic updates on the event page as well.

We have 10 confirmed cars for tomorrow that will drive with the protesters. They will be receiving a separate email tonight about logistics. If you would like to be a driver and have not emailed yet, please email [email protected]


Two members of the BIPOC community have officially offered to speak and they will receive an email this evening with details.


We have several volunteers that have offered to haul wagons of food and water. We will have at least one person toward the back of the group, one in the middle and one in the front area. A Volunteer has reached out and offered to coordinate medical support in the form of stocked stations posted along the route and also working to acquire a mobile medical team. I will update when I know the final result of this.


Please wear a mask if you have one! There are a few people who have offered to help distribute disposable masks for those who do not have one. It may not always be possible to stay six feet apart so please know that there is inherent risk involved in these kinds of events. REMEMBER- Masks protect others from your germs- by wearing a mask, we really help lower the risk of exposing each other, especially when you are asymptomatic. IF YOU FEEL ILL IN ANY WAY, PLEASE STAY HOME!

We will also have a few people distributing hand sanitizer periodically.


If the weather looks to be severe (ie; there are sever thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings, the event will be rescheduled and announced ASAP. This is being constantly monitored.


If you would like to make monetary donations in lieu of marching or in addition to, you can email Crystal ([email protected]) for information on what to do, or give your name and email address to Kate tomorrow and we will contact you on how to make sure the money goes DIRECTLY to Khalil, Frank and/or Vaun. The post has been share a few times so if you want that sooner, check the comments and I will have the graphic there.

**ENDING- The march will conclude at the Wauwatosa police station. There will be a speaker, a memorial for those slain by police brutality, a show of participants setting the glow bracelets on the lawn, and then a standing, sitting, keeling (whatever is accessible to you) 9 minute moment of silence.

If there are other questions please comment on THIS THREAD. Please refrain from starting a new thread for organizational purposes.

This show of community and love is incredible and you are ALL helping to make a difference in our world.

Crushing Racism

10th and Milwaukee
7 p.m.

All are welcome to attend our peaceful protest of racial injustice and systemic hate crimes. This is to be a loving show of support, embracing diversity in South Milwaukee and all communities.


Our march will being on the NW corner of 10th & Milwaukee Ave. and proceed to the crusher statue where we will take a knee to honor the innocent black lives that have died from the hands of police brutality. While we kneel we will hear an inspirational speech from a community member. We will then continue up to Growing South Milwaukee Community Garden where we will silently reflect on personal growth to seed love and positive energy for a hate free future. The march will move on to city hall where we will ask our local officials and police to note that we, the people, are not afraid to push for changes that will guarantee racial equity in South Milwaukee!

Stand with us Tuesday while we march to Crush Racism!