Earlier this month, Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild stopped by the set of TMJ4 chat show The Morning Blend to talk about poop. To be more specific, he talked about how a gift from the Milwaukee County Transit System—a small, squeezable bus—helped his toddler learn how to poop on the potty. All hail the Pooper Bus! (The other poop story was about his plans to swim the Milwaukee River this August. More on that in a few weeks!) You can watch the whole thing here:

And now for a Pooper Bus update: On Wednesday, Morning Blend hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle did a little mailbag segment at the top of the show, and revealed a surprise package from MCTS: their very own Pooper Buses! “We hope it’ll bring you as much relief as it brought Matt’s three-year-old daughter,” MCTS said in its letter. “POOPER BUS!” exclaimed Fay and Ogle.

So yeah, we apparently made the MCTS Pooper Bus a thing. You’re welcome. It’s a great day to squeeze.