In accordance with a federal law that states any and all news surrounding The Shops of Grand Avenue must be reported, we’re required to inform you that the long-beleaguered mall is scheduled to be sold at auction next month. BizTimes is reporting that will be handling the proceedings June 17-19, and that the minimum bid for the mall is being set at $4.75 million—slightly more than a #1 at Rocky Rococo, and slightly less than PBR.

According to BizTimes, the mall last changed hands in 2012, when it was sold to a Bank of America commercial mortgage trust for $8.5 million in a foreclosure auction. June’s auction will not include the Boston Store building, which is owned separately by Wispark LLC. The collective fate of Culver’s, GameStop, and the Leonard Beartstein Orchestra remains unclear, at least until someone starts a #BringGrandAveHome campaign.

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