The winning bids have been placed. The vast majority of the items have been paid for, shipped, or arranged to be retrieved. The numbers have been crunched. Other than a select few pickups in the next few days, Milwaukee Record’s second installment of our “Pretty Good Online Auction” is officially in the books.

Allow us to extend a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who placed bids, donated auction items, and spread the word about standout offerings like Gold Albums, Platinum Records, vintage signage, memorabilia, and the coveted Ueckerlele. Your incredible generosity has helped us more than you’ll ever know. And because of all those bids and item donations, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin will be getting a check for $6,108 next week! If you missed out on something you had your eye on, we encourage you to send a few dollars of that would-be auction purchase Feeding America’s way.

Thanks to everyone who made Milwaukee Record’s “Pretty Good Online Auction” possible. We’ll see you for more auction action in 2022. Until then, take one more look at that sweet Ueckerlele!