Along with music, food, and metal bleachers, one of the star attractions of Summerfest is the Skyglider. The souped-up ski lift stretches high above Henry Maier Festival Park, giving riders a chance to relax, enjoy a scenic view of Lake Michigan and the grounds below, and get from one end of the joint to the other if they want to avoid the 8 trillion people watching The Lonely Island on the Miller Lite Oasis stage. Also, NO SPITTING.

Anyway, we took a round trip on the Summerfest Skyglider Tuesday night. (We were there to see REYNA, LUXI, and Liz Phair, and to eat our seventh Saz’s sampler combo of the season.) The sunset over downtown was really pretty, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to answer a question we’ve pondered for years: How many times can you listen to the 1977 Channel 12 jingle “Hello Milwaukee” during a round trip on the Summerfest Skyglider?

Sixteen, it turns out! Enjoy the video below (“There’s a feeling in the air…”), and look for cameos from LUXI at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, 8 trillion people waiting for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, and our pal Leah Delaney on an opposite Skyglider seat. Like the song says, we’re all good neighbors passing by.

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