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• You know that vacant Burger King on 106th and Greenfield in West Allis? The one that’s been vacant since 2012? Yeah, that one. Well, if West Allis Mayor Dan Devine has it his way, BK will do something with the blighted property—and fast.

Last week, Devine posted this message to X/Twitter:

Burger King got back to Devine within minutes, publicly saying the situation “definitely does not Rule,” and that the mayor should DM the company. End of story! Good job, Burger King!

But not so fast. On Friday, Devine posted another message to X/Twitter:

Yep, West Allis is suing Burger King.

“This property has been abandoned and neglected for years,” West Allis City Attorney Kail Decker tells Milwaukee Record. “Despite regular attempts by the city to get this property cleaned up an activated, Burger King never seemed to follow through. There were some title issues with the property (an unrelated party owned the land under the building), but that has since been resolved and BK owns both lots that are effectively used as one property.”

Decker continues:

We tried several times over the past couple years to get BK to do something with the property. We even served them in May 2023 with a notice of potential lawsuit. But we haven’t seen progress, so it finally came down to filing the lawsuit. We hope that this will focus their attention on the property. They have plenty of resources, and we expect that they will do the right thing by either activating it on their own or by selling it to another party who will fix this property up so the neighbors no longer have to deal with it.

We agree: DO THE RIGHT THING, BURGER KING. (We’ve reached out to the company for comment.) Until then, enjoy this song echoing through your head all weekend. [WISN 12]

• Speaking of fast food, McDonald’s is “expected to be the first marquee national sponsor to sign on as a supporter of the Milwaukee host committee for the Republican National Convention.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Oh god, the Tacos and Tequila Festival is coming back to Franklin Field in 2024. Ludacris, Ashanti, Chamillionaire, and more will play the June 22 show. (That’s the opening Saturday of Summerfest!) The inaugural 2023 Tacos and Tequila Festival was, um, interesting. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The Miller High Life Theatre is getting a Miller High Life mural. [OnMilwaukee]

• Little Cancun Sports in Bay View is getting a 15-day suspension. [Urban Milwaukee]

• More than 100,000 people went to the four Milwaukee Night Markets this summer. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Kohl’s will celebrate the opening of its new downtown location—in the old Boston Store space in the old Grand Avenue complex—on November 3. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Milwaukee secured a $12 million federal grant to “improve the city’s tree canopy.” [Urban Milwaukee]

• Five MPS schools have new “green and healthy” playgrounds. [Urban Milwaukee]

• The unofficial (for now) Year of the Milverine continues! [TMJ 4]

• New Social Caterpillar album! The Milwaukee band will celebrate the release of Alphabet Crown Saturday at Cactus Club! (We’ll have a full writeup on the album next week.) [Bandcamp]

• “Ride on the new Hop streetcar line that goes under the Couture.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• “Ride Along On Streetcar Extension Before It Opens.” [Urban Milwaukee]

• “First Look: The Hop’s new lakefront L-Line route.” [OnMilwaukee]

• “The Hop previews the ‘L-Line.'” [620 WTMJ]

• “The Hop gives media a lift on new L-Line.” [BizTimes]

• “The Hop gives sneak preview at new L-Line extension.” [Spectrum News 1]

• “Streetcar readies to launch lakefront service through the Couture: Slideshow.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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