When we last heard from our pal Reuben Glaser, he was giving the world the gift of Paul Ryan awkwardly milking a goat at the Racine County Fair. It was only fitting for the man responsible for that “Little Face Mitt” thing from a few years back, and a true testament to Glaser’s delightfully whacked sense of humor—not to mention his talent for making convincing goat-milking and Paul-Ryan-guffawing noises.

But, according to a snazzy new YouTube video called “PLEASE BUY REUBEN’S CAR,” times are tough for the local funnyman. Thanks to a “series of unwise decisions and crippling college debt,” Glaser has been reduced to selling his totally sweet, totally custom-painted 2003 Honda Civic for $6,000 ($714 cheaper than the Kelley Blue Book price!), and he wants you—yes, you—to buy it. “I really gotta sell this thing,” Glaser says in the video description. “I’m not kidding. It can be all yours. I need the scratch.”

So yeah, watch the video below and then please buy Reuben’s car. Or, just enjoy a funny video and ponder the wisdom of filming yourself standing on the roof of the car you’re trying to sell.

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