Last month, we told you the story of Fink’s “COUPLES ARE BORING AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT” sign, painted by Filthy Freehand artist Sarah Linkus. Loved by some and hated by others, the piece got people talking and incited speculation regarding its intended meaning. On the weight of the piece’s response, Fink’s even started accepting submissions for a new phrase that would appear on its exterior wall. Wednesday morning, someone took changing the phrase into their own hands by altering Linkus’ work, ironically, using some filthy freehand of their own.

Wednesday morning, Linkus posted a photo of the slightly modified piece that read “COUPLES ARE BONING AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT” on Filthy Freehand’s Instagram account. She even called it, “pretty hilarious, actually.” Within two hours, the (actually quite similar looking) “N” was washed away. Yet for a little while, one artistic vandal extended the story of a piece of art that already has Milwaukee talking. As funny as this is, we recommend you leave Linkus’ work alone and formally submit suggestions for a new phrase. Not only is it more, you know, legal, but you can also win a $500 Fink’s bar credit.

[h/t Ann Christenson]

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