Shirts! We have to wear them in public. In addition to covering our nipples and other unsightly portions of our upper torso, T-shirts can also let other people know some of your interests. Perhaps you want strangers to know you cheer for a specific sports team, like a certain band, support a local business, have foolishly put your faith into a politician, or read a local entertainment publication.

There are infinite T-shirt possibilities. And now, there are some T-shirts you can buy that honor metro Milwaukee haunts of yesteryear. Recently, a member of the Old Milwaukee group on Facebook has been posting pictures of new novelty T-shirts that nod to bygone Milwaukee County businesses and other regional mainstays. The 11 designs—which are available in a variety of styles and colors at Phunky Threads—pay homage to celebrated regional establishments like Johnson’s Park, Milky Way Frozen Custard, Port Road Inn, Green Tree Liquor, Echo Bowl, and a few other businesses and points of local pride.

T-shirts range from $26 to $33 in price (which includes shipping). Check out a few mock-ups below and, if you like what you see, buy here.


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