If you’ve been following us on TikTok (or Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter), you’ve probably seen a handful of brilliant video reports from the recently wrapped 2023 Wisconsin State Fair. All of these videos were created by local stand-up comic (and West Allis native) Dana Ehrmann. Why was Ehrmann covering the Fair? Because she loves it. Why was she covering the Fair on our TikTok? Well, because we asked her to. And we’re glad we did!

Here, then, is a handy YouTube compilation of Ehrmann’s reports. Relive her “Dairy Challenge”! Thank the maker for her cream puff and beer hacks! Witness the birth of her ill-advised airbrushed “DIVA” neck tattoo! Chuckle along with folks in the Milk Barn line as Ehrmann quizzes them on obscure Bucks players (and buys their milk)! More!

Post-Fair, you can follow Ehrmann on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Thanks again, Dana!

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