It’s over. It’s finally over.

Earlier this month, we announced that “the end is nigh for the Shops of Grand Avenue.” Today, the end has come. An afternoon walk through the doomed/currently-being-redeveloped downtown mall revealed that the third-floor food court—most recently home to a Qdoba, a Panda Express, a Tomato, and that’s it—has been shut down. “Where the hell are the restaurants?” asked a lady next to us when faced with a “3rd floor access restricted” wall blocking the escalators. Lady, we’re wondering the same thing.

A few stores remain open throughout the rest of the mall, but not many. For a detailed rundown of what’s changing (and what’s staying the same), click HERE. Below, enjoy some pictures of the once-mighty Grand in its final days (and of the high-end apartments coming to the Plankinton Arcade).