A new Milwaukee health order (Order #4.3) will go into effect December 3, limiting bars and restaurants once approved for 100% capacity to just 50% capacity. Bars and restaurants without approved safety plans will continue to be held to 25% capacity.

The new order will end on January 15, 2021 and automatically revert to the previous order (Order #4.2). Thus, bars and restaurants previously approved for 100% capacity can go right back to that 100% capacity on January 15.

A list of businesses with approved safety plans can be found HERE. Here’s today’s press release:

COVID-19 Trends Prompt Milwaukee Health Department to Modify Current Public Health Order

The Milwaukee Health Department is revising the current public health order, modifying the capacity rules for restaurants and bars and requiring more stringent protocols for participation in team sports. The COVID-19 Public Health Plan for the City of Milwaukee, Order #4.3, will take effect on December 3, 2020. In a change from past practice, the new order will revert, automatically, to the previous order on January 15, 2021.

“All changes in the public health order in Milwaukee are the result of a careful review of the available data, application of public health science, and analysis of situations where COVID-19 can be transmitted,” Acting Health Commissioner Marlaina Jackson said. “The Health Department is particularly aware of the alarmingly high rates of infection in Milwaukee along with seasonal activities that increase indoor contact and potential for COVID-19 infections.”

Under the new order, all bars and restaurants with approved safety plans must not exceed 50% of the location’s capacity, irrespective of previous allowances. The existing capacity requirements for bars and restaurants without approved safety plans remains at 25%.

School and club team sports – including practices, intra-squad, or outside competition – will only be allowed with approved safety plans that include routine COVID-19 testing. Previously, intra-squad activities were permitted without an approved safety plan.

The complete text of the COVID-19 Public Health Plan for the City of Milwaukee, Order #4.3 will be available online at city.milwaukee.gov/MMFS.

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