Depending on which news sources you follow, Milwaukee is going through either a “renaissance” or a “reinvention.” Or maybe it’s a “reboot” or a “reimagining,” like that crappy Tim Burton version of Planet Of The Apes. However you want to define it, it’s safe to say that Milwaukee is currently building a lot of new and wonderful things.

• The old Boston Store at Bayshore Mall is gonna be a Target. Like, it’s gonna be a Target soon. According to the [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel], renovations of the space “appear to be nearly complete,” and the store “appears to be getting ready for an October opening.” (Both Target and Bayshore refuse to give an exact opening date.) And yes, the new Target at Bayshore that appears to be opening in October appears to be hiring, too, both for the store itself and for the in-store Starbucks.

• A super old building at 235 S. 2nd St. in Walker’s Point is gonna be apartments. [Urban Milwaukee]

• A $35 million agricultural product export facility is gonna be built on Jones Island. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• A four-unit apartment building at 334-340 W. Meinecke Ave. is being turned into apartments and studio space for artists. An adjacent building is set to be demolished and replaced with a new building containing even more apartments and studio space for artists. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• A former industrial complex at 3040-3100 W. Meinecke Ave. might be turned into 85 units of affordable senior housing. [Urban Milwaukee]

• The first story of a two-story building at 1916 N. King Dr. might be converted into the venue called 1916 Black. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Bus stop platforms for that $55 million East-West Bus Rapid Transit project are being built. [Urban Milwaukee]

• The Milwaukee Bucks might rethink their whole “let’s develop every available inch of vacant space around the Deer District” plan. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The old Grand Theater at 2917-2923 N. Holton St. is for sale. [Urban Milwaukee]

• A four-story, 67-unit affordable apartment building might be coming to 1127-1135 S. Chavez Dr. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The old Buca di Beppo restaurant at 1237 N. Van Buren St. has finally been knocked down to make way for a nine-story, 251-unit apartment building. [Urban Milwaukee]

• And what did we learn this week? Well, they’re always building something. Isn’t that right, old song from my old band that’s reuniting December 19 at Cactus Club?

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