Every other Monday, we publish a quick roundup of all the new shit they’re building in Milwaukee. These “new shit” posts attempt to keep tabs on the countless new developments, luxury apartments, and luxury apartments that seem to be popping up with the frequency of sentient fur balls popping up from a wet Mogwai. Is Milwaukee going through a “renaissance”? A “reinvention”? Who knows, but it’s definitely getting a lot of new shit.

Sometimes, however, all that new shit, and how it will figure into the existing Milwaukee landscape, is hard to imagine. Well fret no more, because a new video from real estate company NAI MLG Commercial shows just how Milwaukee’s skyline will be transformed in the upcoming years. The Google Earth-aided clip shows the eventual placement of everything from The Couture and the Northwestern Mutual building to the BMO Harris tower and the Milwaukee Streetcar route. Gaze upon the new shit, Milwaukee:

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