You wake up. You grab your phone. You see story after story about how we’re divided, about how we’re at war, about how we’re doomed. You put down your phone. You close your eyes. You sigh. You go to work. Maybe you brushed your teeth. Maybe you didn’t. Who cares.

And thus begins another day in this thing called Modern Life. Fun! But is there any respite? Is there any hope? Yes, yes there is. For whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard or tough, just remember that FOX6 anchor Ted Perry is out there, roving the streets of Milwaukee, looking for the very best in humanity. In these dark and troubled times, it’s important to remember one thing: we are all Perry’s People.

Yes, Monday night saw the broadcast of Perry’s annual Perry’s People special, in which the top-shelf reporter highlighted six top-shelf Milwaukee stories. Want to feel good about the future of Milwaukee Public Schools? Check out Perry’s report on Dr. Keith Posley. Want to feel good about the future of Milwaukee’s natural environment? Check out Perry’s report on activist Marla Schmidt. Want to feel like you’re not alone? Check out Perry’s report on former TV anchor Terry Bertha, who produces a podcast about depression and anxiety. Want to laugh, go rollerskating, and ride the bus? Check out Perry’s reports on that Manitowoc Minute guy, on Butler Skateland, and on his “strange but insightful trip” on Milwaukee County Transit System’s Green Line. That last one sure sounds like a good idea!

But we kid: These are great. No joke, no sarcasm. We need these reminders. Thank you, Ted. Here he is dancing to CCR:

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