Today marks the glorious first day of the 2021 Wisconsin State Fair. From August 5-15, hundreds of thousands of proud Wisconsinites will flock to the State Fair Grounds in West Allis to take in all the sights, sounds, and calories the fest has to offer. Want to watch some racing pigs? The State Fair has you covered. Want to catch Billy Idol, Boyz II Men, or The Beach Boys live on stage? The State Fair has your back. Want to make up for last year’s canceled State Fair and get in while the gettin’s good before everything shuts down again? Sing it, Pat McCurdy!

Oh, and don’t forget about the midway—a.k.a. Spin City. It’s filled with countless attractions, games, and rides that are absolutely-completely-110% safe! Don’t believe us on the last bit? Then travel through time (via YouTube) and watch oodles of local TV news reports on how the State Fair rides are indeed absolutely-completely-110% safe. Seriously: they’re safe. They’re inspected. They’re inspected again. They’re inspected again. Safety isn’t funny, but the fact that ride-inspection stories are apparently a mandated thing for local media is. Just us? Well, enjoy anyway.