Every year, Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (a.k.a. MADACC) rescues approximately 11,000 stray, mistreated, and abused animals. As part of the organization’s “regulation and care services,” MADACC strives to help give animals a second chance through adoption. MADACC recently started its “Pit Bull Prrroud” promotion, in which pit bulls can go to good homes for only $45, and adult cats can be adopted free of charge.

Tyler Maas recently toured MADACC’s facility and learned more about the organization from Kathy Shillinglaw, who started as a volunteer and now serves as MADACC’s Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. They discussed what MADACC does, misconceptions about certain dog and cat breeds, and the upcoming Walk Run Wag event at Hart Park on July 8. Tyler also promises he’ll adopt an adult cat eventually.

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