Milwaukee Record has only been around for a month, but it’s already time to celebrate a milestone: our 100th post! To mark this momentous occasion, we’ve compiled a list of 100 things to do in Milwaukee. How many have YOU tried?

1. Take a walk

2. Eat some food

3. See a movie

4. See a show

5. Have a drink

6. Ride a bike

7. Jog

8. Work out

9. Say “nope” to dope

10. Listen to the radio

11. Rent an apartment

12. Clean your apartment

13. Buy a house

14. Clean your house

15. Fall in love

16. Breathe in deep. Hold it. Okay, now breathe out again. Good.

17. Sing! Sing! Sing!

18. Get a new shower curtain. I mean, come on, you’re 28 years old. It’s about time your place didn’t look like a goddamn dorm room

19. Feed your cat

20. Hang out with friends

21. Drink coffee

22. Paint something

23. Take yourself back with Time Life’s “Soft Sounds Of The ’70s,” featuring 130 digitally remastered songs from the original artists

24. Write down your thoughts in a journal

25. Dance like no one is watching

26. Surf the Internet

27. Watch some Netflix

28. Immediately close Twitter when you see someone talking about last night’s episode of Mad Men

29. Buy some milk

30. Read a book

31. Take a nap

32. Collect stamps?

33. Go swimming

34. Make small talk with your co-workers

35. Do something nice for a neighbor in need

36. Start a band

37. Play some shows

38. Don’t ask and/or demand that the audience come closer to the stage when you play. That’s really lame.

39. Take a nice, long bath

40. Change the toner in your printer

41. Deposit cigarette butts in the proper receptacle

42. Have a nice night in with your significant other

43. Recycle

44. Get some laundry done

45. Tip generously

46. Ride the bus

47. Legalize, don’t criticize

48. Catch up on some podcasts

49. “Like” something on Facebook

50. Sweep your kitchen

51. Explore your neighborhood

52. Believe it…or not

53. Text a friend

54. See a play

55. See a comedy show

56. Watch out for pranks on April Fools’ Day (submitted)

57. Go to school

58. Finish school

59. Think about going back to school

60. Don’t go back to school

61. Make a funny meme (that “Awkward Moment Seal” is kind of good)

62. Help someone open a jar of pickles

63. Watch some daytime TV when you call in sick to work

64. Change the batteries in your Xbox controller

65. Charge your phone

66. Activate space

67. Read a newspaper

68. Read a website

69. Grow up

70. Stare out the window

71. Relax

72. Start your own business

73. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV

74. Frame some pictures of friends and loved ones

75. Clean the fridge

76. Quit smoking by slowly cutting back. Going cold turkey and making a big deal out of it never works.

77. Chill

78. Download Chrome for your parents

79. Visit your neighborhood library

80. Eat outside at a restaurant

81. Okay, eating inside is fine

82. Keep an eye on the weather

83. Watch Edward Scissorhands and see if it holds up after all these years

84. Fucking parking tickets

85. Write a poem

86. Start a neighborhood watch program called “Citizens On Patrol,” or C.O.P. for short. Wait for hilarity to ensue.

87. Live a little

88. Remember that girl from freshmen year? What was her name…Carrie? Kelly? No, Heidi! That was her name!

89. Write a to-do list

90. Wait. Wait. Wait. Walk sign is on.

91. Get a haircut

92. Update your wardrobe

93. Pizza!

94. Hold hands with someone

95. Enjoy a park

96. Run for office

97. Stay up late

98. Go dancing

99. Always tell the truth

100. Summerfest