Despite being around since 1985 (and formally taking root in Walker’s Point in 1997), Latino Arts Inc. is only becoming more relevant with age. Recent seasons have brought noted musicians and the work of respected contemporary artists to the space, which also makes sure to feature renderings from area creatives.

Latino Arts released its winter and spring schedule of performances this week. This segment of the cultural and artistic hub’s 36th year looks to be equally impressive, including a guitar festival, a performance by a Grammy-nominated musician, and a season-long “celebration of Hispanic women in the arts.” Here’s Latino Arts’ full schedule of late winter and spring events.

Between Yesterday and Where, The Magic of Macondo
Friday, December 2 – Friday, February 17

“Between Yesterday and Where, The Magic of Macondo is an exploration of the idea that personal identity that can occupy a physical or figurative space informed by cultural heritage and external forces. Artists participating in this exhibition are part of the Macondo collective that shares the idea that place of origin is a duality between geography and cultural heritage. And it spreads with the exodus of individuals on its way through life and the world. In other words, the mythical village that Gabriel Garcia Marquez created in the pages of 100 Years of Solitude is a universal village shared in the collective Latin American legacy that exists in our cultural practices and lived experiences beyond the geographical location of our birth.”

10th Annual Guitar Festival Concert Featuring Leonela Alejandro & Gohar Vardanyan
Saturday, February 5

“Join us for the Tenth Annual Guitar Festival and Youth Competition presented by the Latino Arts Strings Program. After three years, we are thrilled to announce that this year’s competition, including master classes, workshops, and the evening concert and performance will take place in-person!”

Lunch & Learn: The Latina Emprendedora Impact on the Arts
Friday, February 10

“As part of our Lunch and Learn series, Latino Arts invites you to join the conversation celebrating Black History month. Hear from local Latina Emprendedoras, female leaders, artists, makers, and creatives in our community as they discuss how their identity and roots inform their work and creative process and inspire them to lead others. Tickets are $15 and include a light lunch.”

Pinto con Tinto: Carnival Masks
Thursday, February 16

“Carnival in Rio is all about the Boas Vibrações, which means Good Vibes in Portuguese. Join Latino Arts on Thursday, February 16 to unleash your inner artist and learn more about the cultural history behind the Carnival masks and the colorful Brazilian celebration! This evening of tinto sipping and hands-on painting activity will fill you with Boas Vibrações! Let Samba music inspire you as you paint your very own 3-D Carnival mask to take home! Tickets are $25 and include wine, tapas, and all art supplies.”

Mamá Said: A Reflection on Maternal Figures
Wednesday, March 1 – Friday, June 2

“We are shaped by maternal figures in the womb and throughout life with their words, their actions, and personalities. The impact of maternal figures and the lack thereof can be seen, felt, and heard. As children, they were our world, models to look up to, with a sixth sense that made no sense to us. Throughout life, the relationship with these maternal figures evolved – some grew stronger, others fell through – yet they continued to shape us. This exhibition, composed of artists and friends of Latino Arts, reflects on artist relationship with individuals that have played a maternal figure role in their lives. This visual reflection focuses on the stories of these relationships and the lessons learned whether they be positive or negative, verbal or nonverbal.”

Lupita Infante with a special performance by the Latino Arts Strings Program
Friday, March 3

“With an elegant and graceful style reminiscent of Mexico’s classic Mariachi crooners, recording artist Lupita Infante brings a sensual and soothing vocal contrast to the bold sounds of regional Mexican music. Infante’s GRAMMY nominated debut album, La Serenata, is proof that she is a star on the rise not only for her talent but for her perseverance. A big part of Lupita’s artistry is paying tribute to the tradition and beauty of her heritage, while also providing a youthful bicultural perspective to the regional Mexican genre. Although Lupita’s music is traditional in some ways, she believes in the power of progress and bravely questions some long-held traditions through her songwriting and fashion style.”

The Big Idea X: A Decade of Creative Treasures in the Community
Friday, June 23 – Friday, August 18

“We are thrilled to be celebrating ten years of The Big Idea exhibit, featuring artwork from students all across Southeastern Wisconsin! Celebrating a decade of creativity by young artists, X marks the spot at Latino Arts and the treasure is the creativity and artistic expression of our young talent that is shared with our community!”

(All descriptions come courtesy of a Latino Arts press release)

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