If you’re still smarting from the Green Bay Packers’ two consecutive losses (the first time this has happened under QB Aaron Rodgers since 2010) here’s something else that will have you gnashing your green-and-gold-capped teeth: As pointed out by the Chicago Sun-Times, Yahoo! Sports, and other media outlets, the Packers haven’t won a game since those Mike Ditka McDonald’s ads—featuring the former Chicago Bears head coach wearing a Packers sweater—started airing. The ads began running the week of October 26; since then, the Packers have come up short, first to the Denver Broncos, and then to the Carolina Panthers. COINCIDENCE?

Yeah, it’s totally a coincidence. Still, some are using the Pack’s unheard-of losing streak and the McDonald’s ads as proof of the “Curse of Ditka.” Mmm. Polish sausage. Ditka. Ditka. Sausage. Bears.

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