As fun as that montage in Major League made it seem, Spring Training is sort of an exercise in futility for unabashedly rebuilding organizations. Sure, it allows prospects and new acquisitions an opportunity to acclimate to life with their new team, and it gives players a chance to get in shape and knock off some of the rust in exhibitions, so the team can at least field a passable product once Opening Day rolls around. Still, there are certain to be at least a few moments between mid-February and early April in which players for soon-to-be sub-.500 teams wonder what they’re still doing out in Arizona or Florida…especially veterans who are unlikely to crack the 25-man roster.

Tim Dillard is a 33-year-old career relief pitcher who’s entering his 15th season in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. The unheralded hurler has spent much of that stint bouncing around the organization’s minor league affiliates. Dillard has 73 appearances with the Brewers, posting a career ERA of 4.70 and a less-than-amazing 1.470 WHIP over parts of four seasons. He hasn’t touched a big league mound since 2012 (despite our plea for a September 2015 call-up), and his 5.13 ERA in triple-A last season seems to suggest he’s unlikely to ever do so again. Still, Tim Dillard is the most important Brewers player at Spring Training this year.

As a long-tenured employee of an organization that’s presently incubating future stars, relying on castoffs from others teams, and fielding All-Star-caliber veterans preparing for a lame duck season amid trade speculation, this minor leaguer is single-handedly making this rebuilding team’s six-week stint of mostly meaningless baseball-related activities worthwhile. Why? The guy is hilarious.

With exactly a zero percent chance of earning a Brewers roster spot, Dillard has seamlessly usurped the organization’s unofficial role of fun uncle. He’s also influenced youngsters (and even some coaches) to get in on the hi-jinks. Thankfully, he’s been documenting many of his Spring Training exploits and posting videos on his must-follow Twitter account. The whole feed is great, but here are just some of the highlights from his time in Arizona.

Reenacting Home Alone

Reprising a State Farm ad

Directing a remake of The Sandlot

Building a baseball pyramid

Giving the “cash me outside” woman a sixteenth minute of fame

Asking players and coaches about mythological creatures

Going down for real

Referencing ¡Three Amigos!

Re-shooting The Office‘s opening

Getting roasted by his son

Parallel parking

Air-drumming to The Who with the reigning World Series MVP

Looking for Wilson

Using “The Force”

While you wait for the regular season to begin and for the impending Brewers dynasty to start, be sure to keep tabs on what Tim Dillard is doing. You won’t regret it.

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