If you’re anything like us, you probably missed Monday’s all new episode of CBS’ Magnum P.I. for one of the following reasons:

• You’re not in your mid-seventies
• You don’t watch original CBS programming
• Though you were faintly aware the network recently rebooted Magnum P.I., you had no clue it wasn’t cancelled after the first season
• The new Mangum P.I. isn’t the type of show you’re even remotely into

Assuming you didn’t catch the latest episode, we regret to inform you that you missed seeing Christian Yelich. Yes, the Brewers outfielder and reigning National League MVP made a short cameo in the March 4 episode when he paid a visit to 2018 Little League World Champs.

Over the course of his approximately two-minute appearance, Yelich congratulates the young ballplayers, flirts with “Auntie” Julie Higgins, signs some autographs, and socks a pitch thrown by the dude from Happy Endings for a no-doubt dinger. Overall, we’d put Yelich’s acting performance somewhere between when some Brewers dropped by The Young And The Restless in 2007 and that early ’90s McDonald’s commercial where a young Prince Fielder strikes out his dad, Cecil.

Watch the clip of Yelich on Magnum P.I. below. And if any television executives happen to be reading this, please bring Happy Endings back. That show had limitless possibilities!

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