Way back in June 2021, in the midst of the 2021 NBA playoffs, the hosts of ESPN’s First Take casually talked smack against Milwaukee.

“You really want to be in Milwaukee? Is that where you want to be? Milwaukee?” asked former NFL offensive guard Damien Woody.

“Hell no, hell no,” responded host Stephen A. Smith.

“I’m not sure what our plans are for First Take, but I don’t think we are going,” added host Molly Qerim. “Max and I will see. And it’s going to be terrible cities.”

Of course, that offhand “terrible city” remark caused a HUGE stink in Milwaukee. Countless articles were written. Countless news stories were broadcast. The president of the Milwaukee Bucks responded. The mayor responded. Children and grown human beings cried in the streets. On and on it went for weeks and weeks and weeks…

Or make that nearly a year.

Yes, for today, 10 months after ESPN’s “terrible city” comment first aired, Milwaukee is STILL responding to it. You’d think a new year, a new mayor, last night’s Milwaukee Bucks playoff win, and the fact that the Bucks are DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS would have put this feud to rest. But nope.


“Steven A., Molly, Kendrick, you had some harsh words about my city last year, and you were wrong about Milwaukee,” says Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson in a segment on Monday’s First Take. “You saw the large crowds in front of Fiserv Forum during the NBA Finals. Milwaukee is an enthusiastic sports town. We’re also a city with a wonderful quality of life, a beautiful lakefront, great restaurants and museums. We’re a city that loves to celebrate. We’ll celebrate almost anything in Milwaukee, so bring First Take to Milwaukee and we’ll celebrate that, too. Bucks in six! Go Milwaukee Bucks!”

Following Johnson’s remarks, Qerim does her best QVC impression as she details several gift baskets that Milwaukee apparently sent to ESPN. Then things get dicey. Again. Looking decidedly unimpressed, Steven A. proceeds to:

A. Trashes our mayor’s name. (“That is not a great name for a mayor!”)

B. Explains that his disdain for Milwaukee is strictly weather-related. Oh, and because “I don’t like the fact that your room service closed at 7 p.m.”

C. Says he has “a whole bunch of friends” in Milwaukee.

D. Gives up and compliments our fan base, our restaurants, our people, and Giannis.

E. Still refuses to apologize for our weather. Which, let’s be honest [looks out window], sucks.

So there you go. This will never end. Go Bucks!

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