In case you were somehow unaware, Christmas is right around the corner (as well as other wintertime holidays, which are either happening now or will be going on soon). That’s right, in just a couple days, the stockings will be stuffed, the presents will be piled up and ready to be ripped open, tables will be covered by crock pots and snacks, and family members will be doing their damnedest to avoid bringing up any aspect of the increasingly nightmarish world in which we live.

Thankfully, this Christmas offers the entertainment option and the political/pandemic deflecting distraction of a Packers game…at least if nobody brings up Aaron Rodgers interviews or the NFL’s abysmal handling of the COVID crisis. Yes, Green Bay will host what’s left of the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field this Saturday for a Christmas afternoon contest. Since we’re in the seasonal spirit this year, we decided to comb through the franchise’s rosters in order to put together a Green Bay Packers All Holiday Team composed of both past and present players. Feel free to add anyone you think we missed in the comments.

Happy holidays and Go Pack Go!

Ed Bell
Nothing says Christmastime and the winter holiday season in general quite like the presence of bells. There’s Jingle Bells, Silver Bells, Carol Of The Bells, “every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings” and so on. In the realm of Packers football, there was also an offensive lineman named Ed Bell who played with Green Bay for three seasons in the late 1940s.

Ken Bowman
When it comes time to wrap presents, it’s important to have a reliable Bow-man. Among Packers players with the word “Bow” in their last name, two-time Super Bowl champion center Ken Bowman was the best of the bunch. Early aughts safety Matt Bowen and short-tenured defensive end David Bowens are the other players in this festive, Bow-based group.

Brandon Chillar
“Chillar” sort of sounds like Chiller. The holiday season is chilly. There’s a player named Brandon Chillar who was a linebacker on the 2010 Super Bowl-winning team. It kind of works…what more do you people want from me?!

Santana Dotson
Both Santa Claus and SANTAna Dotson are famous for their sacks. The former fills his sack with toys to distribute to children all around the world, whereas the latter tallied a total of 26 quarterback sacks during his six seasons with the Packers.

Derrick Frost
Derrick Frost averaged 42.1 yards per punt during the 2008 season, his one and only year with Green Bay. More importantly, at least in terms of this Packers article about winter and the holidays, his last name is Frost.

Vonnie Holliday
Even though his last name isn’t the correct spelling, Vonnie Holliday gave Packers fans a lot of reasons to celebrate during his five seasons in Green Bay. During that span, he amassed 32 sacks and a pair of interceptions.

Carlyle Holiday
Packers reserve wide receiver and emergency quarterback Carlyle Holiday didn’t have nearly the career that Vonnie Holliday did, but his last name is spelled right, so he has that going for him.

Johnny Jolly
With all due respect to early-’80s defensive back Mike Jolly (whom I just learned existed when I started putting this article together), there’s no Packers player more Jolly and more worthy of inclusion on this list than defensive lineman Johnny Jolly.

Bart Starr
Much like the Wise Men followed the North Star to Bethlehem in the bible or whatever, the Packers teams of the 1950s and ’60s followed quarterback Bart Starr to victory. Take a moment to look at his career stats. Do you see what I see? A Starr, a Starr in the Hall Of Fame. Green Bay fans will remember his name.

Blaise Winter
Remember former Packers defensive lineman-turned-motivational speaker Blaise Winter? “I think so,” you say? Well, he exists and, yes, his last name is Winter—the very same season in which Christmas occurs!

Frank Winters
Between late December and mid-March, weather conditions in Green Bay and the rest of Wisconsin can be cold, unforgiving, and quite direct. I guess you could say the state is known for its Frank Winters.

Tom Brown and Jerry Kramer
Safety Tom Brown and Hall Of Fame guard Jerry Kramer were both important parts of some teams in Lombardi era Packers dynasty. Similarly, the Tom & Jerry cocktail is an important part of the Wisconsin holiday tradition.

Kevin King and Kingsley Keke
Current Packers teammates Kevin King and Kingsley Keke are just one “King”-named player short of being the Three Kings Of Titletown.

Charlie Hall, Korey Hall, Lamont Hall, and Mark Hall
Deck the Halls with former Packers. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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