Following a spirited opening round of Bandsketball, the field of 32 teams was cut in half. Saturday’s sweet 16 saw bands, rap crews, and solo artists who were able to scrounge up a couple friends returning to the courts on Center and Fratney streets in Riverwest. Joining in all the hoopla were some Milwaukee Bucks dancers, Bango himself, and a between-game performance by Rio Turbo. Once those games concluded and make-ups games were played Monday and Tuesday, the field shrunk to nine (with one round two game yet to be played). Here are the round two results and quarterfinal matchups.


Ugly Brothers vs. New Age Narcissism — New Age Narcissism
Cherryball vs. Twin Brother — Cherryball
Cavewives vs. Brett Newski — Cavewives
D’Amato vs. Sat. Nite Duets — D’Amato
Antler House vs. Br Triplex — Bo Triplex
SAFS Crew vs. Delta Routine — SAFS Crew
Ladders vs. Natural Facts — Natural Facts
Airo Kwil and Greatest Lakes will play their game Saturday morning
New Age Narcissism vs. Cherryball
Cavewives vs. D’Amato
Bo Triplex vs. SAFS Crew
Natural Facts vs. winner of Airo Kwil and Greatest Lakes
Due to rescheduling needs among competitors, only three games are expected to happen Saturday. The court is on the Riverwest 24 route and across the street from the brand new High Dive, so you have no reason not to be in the neighborhood this weekend.

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