“Music on the Beerline” Celebrates Five Years as Official Announcement Party Kicks Off June 30

Milwaukee, Wis (June 14, 2023)- The Riverworks Development Corporation is kicking off the fifth annual “Music on the Beerline,” a free outdoor music event in Milwaukee. RDC is continuing in its new format as a series versus a one-night event, an upgrade to the event structure that has proven to be successful. The concert series set record attendance numbers in 2022, a feat that organizers hope to mirror in 2023.

This year’s “Music on the Beerline” performers will be revealed at the official announcement party at Amorphic Beer a local brewery located in Riverwest, on June 30th from 5:30pm-8pm.

“We’re really happy to showcase local artists 5 years running at The Beerline Plaza for all connected to the trail to enjoy,” Darryl Johnson, Executive Director of Riverworks Development Corporation.

The series, which highlights local musicians and performers, will showcase a diverse range of music, with prior concerts offering a mixture of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz and more. Last year featured hometown favorites like vocalist and guitarist, Roxie Beane and DJ Bizzon.

The 5th annual “Music on the Beerline” will take place on the following dates on the Beerline trail:

• July 21

• August 18

• September 15

To learn more about each concert date, join us at Amorphic Beer, 3700 N. Fratney St., on June 30th and visit the Beerline Trail Events Page.

About Riverworks Development Corporation
MISSION: Riverworks Development Corporation (RDC) drives social and economic development by aligning residents and businesses with specialized resources that strengthen Harambee, Riverwest and surrounding communities. The Beerline Trail is a public recreational trail, owned by the City of Milwaukee, and maintained and led by Riverworks Development Corporation. Through their work with communities on and off the Beerline Trail, they are devoted to reimagining the role public spaces have in creating connected, healthy neighborhoods and cities.

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