Lakefront Brewery adds 3rd gluten-free beer and creates a new variety pack.

MILWAUKEE (March 19, 2024) – The best-selling gluten-free craft beer is New Grist Pilsner-style Beer. Voted the best gluten-free beer at the World Beer Cup in 2022, New Grist Gosa Rita Margarita-Style beer took gold. And new this year, New Grist IPA was released by Lakefront Brewery. All three beers will now be sold together in Lakefront’s newest variety pack.

“New Grist Pilsner Beer has been the gluten-free gold standard for years. And New Grist Gosa Rita Margarita Beer added a great twist with lime and salt,” said Lakefront Brewery Brand Manager, Michael Stodola. “And now New Grist IPA has hit the market, rounding out this gluten-free line-up. We’ve been constantly improving our gluten-free process, and these three beers are at the top of their game.”

“Our latest brewing process completely takes out any ‘gluten-free weirdness’ and the liquid simply tastes like beer,” added Lakefront Master Brewer, Luther Paul. “New Grist IPA is clean, smooth, and hoppy. I doubt anyone would think it was gluten-free from the taste.”

All three beers will now be available together in Lakefront Brewery’s Gluten-Free Variety Pack. Available wherever Lakefront products are sold.

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. distributes its products to over 30 states, Ukraine, and Canada. Lakefront Brewery is the first brewery in Wisconsin and 22nd brewery in the world to be certified as a B Corporation. Lakefront Brewery also produced the first beer in the United States made from 100% in-state-grown ingredients, including a first-of-its-kind, indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain (Wisconsinite Summer Weiss), the first certified organic brewery and the first gluten-free beer granted approval by the U.S. Government (New Grist). For more information, visit or call (414) 372-8800.

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